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Prius Plug-In HV Battery Upgraded to 8.8kWh

Prius Plug-In HV Battery Upgraded to 8.8kWh

I have to say, I live being a Pioneer in this new frontier with the Prius I call “The Hybrid Performance Era”!

I used to tell folks, that what my vision is for the Prius far exceeds Lift Kits and Roof Racks…. so while a company is out there mimicking the products I’ve developed first for the Prius then proceed to throw shade at me all the while not able to keep their roof racks in stock… heck, you don’t see them selling Trailer Hitch’s anymore. My guess is they realized the trailer hitch I developed blew the one they tried to push out of the water!

That said… a 500hp Hybrid AWD Prius is what I am building! I’d be willing to bet my left leg he didn’t think of that idea years ago and tried to pawn the thought he designed a roof rack so many years ago… in fact, before I started manufacturing parts, he and I were good buddies… I recall asking if he could manufacture for me various parts and he said he only does lift kits. heh, so while he lies to you all about the fact he once again is on my coattail and unable to develop new parts without being inspired by me… here we are with another Prius first by me.

With the new Lithium cells which are a direct replacement to the OE 4.4kWh battery cells, my 2013 Prius now has the same battery capacity and EV mile range as that of a 2017-2022 Prius Prime!

Now I am in the process of installing all of the OE cooling parts and wiring to these new battery cells! Next up for me will be the DC Fast charging CHADeMo Port and hardware so I can get a full charge in less than 60 minutes.

Sometimes I think I am the only one thinking this far outsie of the box as… the Gen 3 Prius has been sold since 2010 and this is the first time a battery upgrade of this size has been accomplished by a normal Prius owner!

Just wait until you see what else I’ve been working on!


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