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This is the thing, multiple carriers, and a separate LTE modem for each with link aggregation is the goal with a battery pack that lasts for 12 hours!

When I started the Inseego M1000 and a USB LTE modem ran through a Raspberry Pi 3b+ okay. Then I went through the glinet travel routers still unable to have a 99% uptime mobile internet connection. It was more hardware than anything. I also had a tablet multiple phones and multiple devices that needed what no electronics manufacturer has made yet… a 3-5 5G LTE Modem router board with unifi networks wifi 6E wireless abilities and fast charging passthrough battery-operated personal internet nas unit that’s the size of a good sounding Bluetooth JBL speaker! I just want mine to fit in the top glove box of a Prius and still be fully charged all the time. With antennas on the roof connected through some quick disconnect port on the unit if needed to take it away from the car the internal antenna would be engaged and all is well! at least 20 TB RAID 5.

The need for a machine to handle video editing and all of my open source software tools including AI things that I do is been a sore spot for me. Live streaming and recording 10 action cameras while I OVerland controlled by a Stream Deck is all in here together as well!

These days, the M2000 is my most solid 5G internet connection!

with the m2000 connected to the USB 2.0 on the board since the USB 3.0 won’t charge the m2000 properly this is my wifi 5 internet speed.

The Banana Pi R3 has been a great base for things, umm.. just I wanted to have three LTE modems on the board and the m.2 NVMe slot and only have one LTE spot and because of the way the slot uses USB a nice 5G Modem with stupid fast download speeds is not an option…. so now… I just make due with the M2000 and 4G modem card that uses the latest 4G technology which can be as fast as 5G…. the struggle is real!

If you are reading this and think you want to start with a Raspberry Pi… skip it… gl.inet travel routers… skip them as well… you either need a low-powered mini PC you have multiple USB modems on or some other router board that so far doesn’t exist. Even the Banana Pi R3, since the onboard wifi6 isnt…. shiza.. while typing this cant remember but you cant use AP and Client at the same time on the 5G network so I use a Comfast USB wifi adapter in Client mode and on board for AP stuff. I can get a Wi-Fi card and use it in the m.2 slot losing my NVMe ssd storage on this board…


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