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So the AWD conversion for the Gen 3, well… all of them really will be parts designed by AI!

This is the rear subframe from a Lexus UX250h AWD, turns out… the Gen 4 Prius AWD… all the same, and if not mistaken all of the new Corolla Hybrd AWD and others in similar chassis are the same as well. Makes me now want to know if the Rav4 and Sienna are the same, or what is similar to the older model Highlander Hybrid with AWD. They all came with weak electric motors other than the Rav4 Prime.

For comparison, the 7hp motor in most Hybrid AWD applications isn’t as exciting as say the Rav4 ~80hp rear electric motor.

The motor going on my Plug-in and eventually, the Prime is ~268hp!


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