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The thing is, it doesn’t exist yet I’ve been trying to find someone who has made one yet, to this day non on the internet.

I love what the YoloBox offers and the Mevo Pro is cool and all but they don’t give me everything I need like if I could build my own device. Mevo is cool because you can output to NDI | HX Destinations and Connect third-party cameras. Neither if not mistaken can be a network AP and allow for multiple WIFI-based Cameras to stream into the device for use/control.

Switching between multiple hardwired devices is cool and I’m for those options as a benefit but for me, I want to switch between say 10 4k Action Cameras and two Drones all connected via WIFI!

For me, I think the interface of the YoloBox or one similar is what I am really after, now there is also the ClonerAlliance ViewProwhich is nice as well just not as many HDMI in ports.

How do I plan to build my own?

Well, it all starts with a Framework Mainboard, having four USB-C Full Feature ports start this off the right way, plus there is a display port.

For the Screen, one of these 13.3 Inch 4K OLED Touch Screen Portable Monitor 3840*2160 With Type-C was my initial thought but then I found one without the frame!

The price is better and it’s without the frame meaning, I can have a case for all components 3D printed without needing to take apart a perfectly good touch screen.

Initially, I thought a USB hub with a couple HDMI 4K USB-C Capture devices but I felt like something more is needed.

I got really excited when I found this USB3.0 HDMI Video Capture Card, 4-Channel 1080P@60fps HDMI Game Caputre for Multi-Channel Live Streaming with Loop Out device. but, after reading reviews it doesn’t sound like I can use my StreaDeck to switch the input feeds. Only using the remote and something about its a great 4 into one stream but the quality never can do 4k doesn’t seem like it’ll work for me

The search is still on for a 3+ HDMI in with HDMI Passthrough out switcher with USB to PC but at least I have the network router board for the Banana Pi R3, I’m thinking by the time the R4 releases I would have all of the above on the way or in the progress of building it. This way I’ll have the WIFI AP and multiple 5G LTE load balancers working all out of the same unit as my Live Streaming box!

and lastly! How I’ll obtain a 10+ 4k Action Camera Live Streaming setup on WIFI!

I would use GoPro cameras if they had open APIs to allow users to utilize their product for various customized applications.



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