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For over a year now, I’ve been integrating different smart 12V powered components to my Prius.

It started from my use of Home Assistant in my homes controlled from various devices including a Raspberry Pi. Now my Prius has a mini PC as it’s server and the Zwave dongle plus the Cudy x6 WiFi 6 router keeps everything linked together.

Recently I started the build on a StreanDeck and Raspberry Pibthat has a USB 3.0 Hub and a SATA 2.5″ External adapter that has memory card slots. Together using Little Backup Box I was able to replace the WD Wireless Pro Hard Drive that stopped working(fun fact, the 4TB HDD is now where data is kept on the mini PC server) so that it’s easy to transfer from memory cards to a storage location accessible via the network, all wirelessly and without needing to enter any commands into any interface. So from drone, action cameras, dash cam, dslr… simply insert the memory card, and it copies! It also doesn’t copy any previously copied items and then will sync to the cloud or my other secondary network storage area.

After the database a few years ago, I’ve implemented these sort of storage zone, being that each zone is a separate yet syncD location and only certain scenarios can allow all zones data to be deleted or lost simultaneously. I’ll always have a copy of my data that’s retrievable even if the internet goes out!

Back to automation…

That’s why I use the Sonoff S31 smart plugs, with them I can monitor energy usage from the outlets on my Pure Sine Power Inverters.

Even the Victron Smart Shunt is smart in the sense it’s connected via a USB Cable to a Raspberry Pi running Venus. One day, I’d like to get Venus and Home Assistant running on a ProxMox mini gaming PC in this car, next year for sure.

The Smart WIFI LED controllers for the LED strips are also integrated, and the Sonoff 4 Channel Smart Switch helps me control the LED light Pods and Bars on the outside. I have two of the 4 channel switches and looking to replace them with one unit that has at least 10 channels.


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