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Are you the kind of Prius enthusiast who craves more from your ride, someone keen to explore the untapped potential of your Prius Prime without being bound by warranty concerns? Among the myriad ideas on our roadmap to enhance your Prius experience, programming a new non-OE key fob is right at the forefront. If anyone needs an additional key fob added to their car, simply purchase the eBay sub $40 non-OE fob, and I’ll bring my hardware to meet you at Cal Poly Pomona for the seamless installation. Moreover, if you happen to come across a Lexus credit card key fob, grab it, and I’ll happily add it to your car as well.

Additionally, we’re eyeing a CHADEMO charging conversion, inspired by recent revelations that a 2017 Prius Prime can achieve a full charge in a remarkable 16 minutes! Speaking from personal experience, my 2013 Plug-in boasts an upgraded HV battery, consistently delivering an equivalent or even superior EV mile range compared to a 2017 Prime. If you’re ready to break free from the ordinary and join us in uncovering the hidden capabilities of these PHEV wonders, let’s not only embrace repairs without hesitation but also steer clear of the ‘W word’… the one that ends in ‘anty.’

If interested contact me today.


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