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The saga continues, my attempts at using a mini pc powered by battery to run a 3D scanner.

I found a Mini PC with a Core i9 10885H and NVIDIA for less than $1,000 and I’m gonna give it a testing.

[Gaming PC] Mini PC Core i9 10885H, 8Cores 16Threads Up to 5.3GHZ,Nvidia GTX1650Ti GDDR6 Graphics, Mini Gaming Desktop Computer,32G Ram 1TB Nvme SSD WiFi 6 BT 5.0,Pre-Install Windows 11 Pro

A Client of mine will be purchasing it after my recommendation for a project they are working on, I get a chance to test it and run it through the passes from 3D scanning to Fusion 360 work to all sort of modeling applications. Of course a Geekbench test soon as its running with all updates will be done!


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