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For well over a decade and before I started traveling, my address has been the actual street address of my PO Box.

All of my banking, insurance and all else had my address as this street address and I never had any issues opening financial accounts or having this address listed on my accounts.

You can read more about the Customer Identification Program to see the details on this which appears to have been put in place back in 2001 – 2003. You can also read information here posted by the Department of Treasury.

For me, whats most odd is that now, almost twenty years later it appears financial institutions are actively implementing these new rules. For many yeas I was able to open new financial accounts using this post office address without issues. Today is the first time I’ve ever seen a message like the one below while looking into applying for a new credit card.

The kicker in all of this was when about three months ago my bank US Bank froze my account during a routing audit and because of using this address my account was marked as fraud and frozen. It wasn’t until I returned with a Residential Lease Agreement would they unfreeze my account. This subsequently cause havoc for my business as my merchant account and other services which relied on this account, after reciginv the frozen status from the bank inadvertently closed. So now, here I am finally able to conduct business after the need to obtain a lease and let those companies with access to my account know why it was frozen and…. :: sigh :: it has been a long interesting journey this year.

So now… after researching many virtual mail companies, most have the CMRA flag on their address and non have the Residential flag… I am now on the hunt to figure out how to abide by the federal regulations and still not have a home resdential address since I don’t have one in the sense of ownership.


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