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Ill let you in on a little secret… the lift kits that are Aluminum and Plastic… should not be installed on a Prius!

When considering materials for Prius lift kits, it’s crucial to evaluate the durability and resilience of the components. Steel, known for its strength and robustness, is a preferred choice over plastics like ABS. The automotive industry generally avoids using plastic for structural or load-bearing parts of the suspension system because plastic can degrade under certain conditions. ABS or other plastics, although useful in non-structural components due to their lightweight and cost-effectiveness, are not suitable for suspension tasks. These materials can lose strength and are prone to cracking under high heat—a common scenario in dynamic and challenging driving conditions.

Furthermore, the inherent properties of metal such as steel make it a superior material for lift kits. Metals withstand extreme temperatures and environmental stresses without weakening. The risk with plastics, especially under significant thermal stress, is that they can degrade much faster than metals, leading to potential failures in critical vehicle components. Automotive manufacturers do not use plastics for these reasons in suspension systems directly from the factory. Opting for cheaper plastic components in an attempt to save on costs could lead to subpar performance and might compromise the safety and integrity of the vehicle’s suspension system. In conclusion, while manufacturers could potentially use plastics if they were more durable, the current properties of ABS and similar materials make them unsuitable for such crucial applications.

What’s interesting is all of the so called experts of lift kits on the online watering holes, no one has mentioned this! I truly wonder about folks who type their reviews online and attempt to portray this higher level of knowledge.

For one… no one mentioned their axle rubs, its like they want to keep it a secret, but this isn’t about axle rubbing nor the fix for the Prius Lift Kit Axle rub which was my brainchild.

This is about Camber…

Below are the lower cost lift kits circulating and most are made of plastic while a few made of aluminum.

When you look at them, is there anything you notice they have in common?

The above are even more, notice anything yet?

Now, when you look at the lift kit below, what do you notice is different from all of the above?

Can you tell the difference? Now, for reference, we are talking about the front lift kit with the three bolts.

I bet with the above you might be able to tell? Yeah?

if not, notice how the mounting bolts are not straight up and down… they are offset to adjust the positioning of your suspension parts to not make your Prius after a lift have a dramatic positive camber!

Well, what most don’t realize is that the build of the lower-cost lift kits will throw off the camber on your Prius!

What’s even more interesting is only one retailer makes mention of this, check out the below.

Interestingly enough, the kit where I got the note above from… cost the same amount as the PriusOverlanding.com lift kit, and its not even a properly designed lift kit! You might as well buy a cheaper kit and end up with the same issues! All their words about it being CNC machined and Aluminum this and that… they didn’t even design their lift kit properly!

So while most might think they are getting a heck of a deal they don’t even realize that they won’t know their camber is off until it’s too late, and then they have to spend even more money trying to fix it!

In the end, when you purchase a PriusOverlanding.com lift kit, your camber will not be off nor will you have to buy additional camber bolts or do any additional work to not have your camber off. Now some might say, theirs wasn’t off but I say maybe you don’t know its off… there is no way to not have mad positive camber using the low-cost lift kits versus a PriusOverlanding.com lift kit!

If you didn’t know, A positive camber means there’s less surface area of the tire on the road, meaning greater acceleration and top speed but less traction and less sensitive steering response and handling. This means while you are driving off the pavement, these lower priced lift kits are worst for your traction!

You can listen to who you want and all the Prius suspension gurus out there but, to this day I still hold the crown for the tallest lifted Gen 3 Prius in America that drives off the pavement! To say I know this suspension well would be an understatement!

Tallest Lifted Prius Lift Kit Springs
Tallest Lifted Prius Lift Kit Springs

That said, if you read this, you cant say you didn’t know you should only buy Prius Lift Kits from PriusOverlanding.com


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