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Well, so far it’s not coming to the USA but the Toyota Crown Plug-in will be made!

It’s a shame they didn’t keep the Hybrid MAX motor in it, it sounds like it will be the Lexus TX drivetrain. But the kicker… I say, If they did it.. I CAN DO IT! read the details below the image…

“the Crown Sport PHEV goes 55 miles electric in that market’s cycle, and it for the first time allows the battery pack to be used as a backup for blackouts or natural disasters—something some Toyota hybrid owners have sought out on the aftermarket for years.”

I saw this coming! Toyota now offers the option, straight from the factory, to harness the power stored in the HV batteries. In 2023, I felt pressed for time to delve into reverse engineering and unlock more potential in my Prius. Dealing with various challenges and firefighting took up most of my attention. However, 2024 is shaping up to be the year where I can indulge more in the activities I love, all while exploring new destinations to put miles on these desired upgrades.

One exciting development is the ability to connect an inverter to the HV battery. Surprisingly, reaching 50kWh turns out to be more accessible than I initially thought. With the Chademo in my car, a full charge in just 16 minutes, similar to the Japan-spec vehicles with the 8.8kWh battery, is now a reality!

In light of these advancements, if you’re in the market for a new Prius or another hybrid, my recommendation is to consider the PHEV/Prime/Plug-in option. Not only have I not encountered any HV battery issues nor have I read about one having issues, but these models also provide the flexibility for upgrades, enabling you to achieve greater feats of efficiency compared to a regular hybrid vehicle.


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