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I’ve been searching for a USB-C 240W In Car Vehicle Charging Outlet Plug of some sort without success for the past few months.

In the last few years, I’ve learned that marine-grade products are perfect for the type of use I put things through. Water, mother nature, whatever… marine grade products are made to withstand the salt in the air and corrosion that moist air or wet areas are prone to get.

that said, right now, If I owned a 43 Galeon 2019 CAMPARI Gulf Breeze there is no way to get a flush mount USB-C outlet that can deliver 240W, I believe 65W is the max so far in a flush mount unit. Ive seen the 100W with the cigarette lighter plug and that’s just bulky! The Sea-Dog 426522 Dual USB-C Power Socket only goes to 60W.

What I did find is this!

and then this big hunk of hardware! it is massive

They all max can put out 140W via USB-C which I think should do the job. In my head, I should be able to run a mini gaming PC from the charger to the PC then run this custom 4K portable traveling triple display maybe a quad display unit. 🙂 One main wide 4K screen with at least 2 smaller screens that will sit in portrait mode attached to the main screen. Then to have the main screen have a companion that sits on top or folds into place on top!!! yeah… all easily usable from the driver’s seat in the Prius or in the back sleeping area along with being able to just stand up on a table. To get it to sit on my lap is a whole other set of thoughts I don’t want yet. The keyboard is a 36-key split keyboard that’s wireless and I’m just gonna put some sort of mouse trackball or trackpad in the PCB board build that I do. Chargeable by USB-C of course!

All of it running through single USB-IF Certified USB-C Cables! I tell people IRL all the time, from 2024 only buy USB-IF Certified cables, you’ll thank me later! Heck, if you can buy an extended protection plan, for say… 3 or 5 years… GET IT!

This is what it comes to with my remote PC setup. I need more screens and real estate to work with. It also needs to be able to fold away quickly but at the same time use a power computer that has low power consumption. In an ideal world, I’d want to be able to power this computer, screens, and a 3D scanner from the power bank I am making for 10 hours. 12 or more would be ideal as my router box in the glove box is now also battery-powered and can easily go for 6 hours with the current batteries. But think about this, this isn’t the main on car battery capacity either, all this I just mentioned was so that I didn’t need the car but to recharge. I’d have this fully portable multi-wan wifi 6 wireless network and a machine with 3-4 4k displays all no larger than the viewing area above the Prius steering wheel and no lower than the bottom of the steering wheel. The width might slightly extend over the rear view mirror but no more than the A/C vent above the radio, on the left is blocked… Id want to be able to close that one and feel the air flow from the one on the right with the monitors all full glory open.

All that to say, I’m going to take this apart and make my own custom flush mount into the car outlet! Take the guts out and put them into a new body!

Because these types of outlets… wont cut it!


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