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Well people are mentioning the axle rubbing on the passenger side axe after installing the 1.5″ Prius Lift Kit

I knew it was only a matter of time before folks start complaining about their axle rubbing.

Axle rubbing can be a common issue after installing a lift kit on a Gen 3 Prius, especially with a 1.5-inch lift. This problem often occurs on the passenger side axle, where the lift alters the vehicle’s geometry and affects how the axle aligns with the rest of the drivetrain. One effective way to address this issue is by using subframe spacers. Installing subframe spacers can help realign the drivetrain and suspension components, providing the necessary clearance for the axle. This adjustment can significantly reduce or eliminate the rubbing by offsetting the geometrical changes caused by the lift kit. Addressing axle rubbing after modifications is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure that your lifted Prius operates smoothly and reliably.

So if someone tells you its okay, its not or else the Bronco folks wouldn’t be concerned about alleviating any axle rubbing!


Maybe one day folks will take my advice versus that of the herd!


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