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Initially, I thought using multiple Go-Pro’s connected to a WIFI router was the camera part then a mini PC running OBSS would tie it all together, but boy was I wrong.

NOTES: I will be updating this page weekly with updates.

After lovin’ my GoPro HERO11 the thought came to me about using multiple to live stream wth. The thought of incorporating my drone as well would be cool. Unfortunately, the GoPro system doesn’t work like that. Entering the room now is Drift Innovation!

The Drift Ghost 4K+ Motorcycle Action Camera Including External Microphone – DVR Mode – Clone Mode – Video Tagging – WiFi was the key and the ability to live stream up to 11 of these cameras! There are various ways to start live-streaming with a Drift camera, from the Drift Life ioS/Android app, to more advanced options like streaming to a custom URL.

The Ghost XL Pro is even better!

That means, with them all connected to my in car network, I can use OBSS to manage the streams and send them out to my Live stream platforms.

1/7/2024 Update: I just found the SJC SJ20 and I really hope it has live-streaming features like the Drift as its Night Vision capabilities are awesome!


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