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I tried to tell people about my disappointment with the Prius Lift kit in 1.5″ but I don’t think people hear me loud enough.

When considering a 1.5″ lift kit for your Toyota Prius, there are a few key aspects that often go unmentioned that could influence your decision on whether it’s the right choice for your needs. Many enthusiasts opt for a 1.5″ lift kit aiming to enhance their vehicle’s clearance for light off-road and urban adventures, expecting a simple upgrade that doesn’t significantly alter the driving dynamics of the Prius.

However, one critical issue that might not be immediately apparent is the potential for axle rubbing, especially on the passenger side. This occurs because the lift alters the natural geometry of the vehicle, sometimes causing the axles to come into contact with other parts of the car under certain driving conditions. Additionally, while the 1.5″ lift may provide a modest increase in clearance, it might not be sufficient for more serious off-roading enthusiasts, who later find that a 2″ lift would have better served their purposes.

Moreover, the impact on the vehicle’s alignment and suspension can affect the overall driving experience, including handling and fuel efficiency, which are often overlooked during the initial excitement of lifting the vehicle. These changes can require further adjustments and fine-tuning to restore the vehicle’s performance to a satisfactory level.

It’s also worth noting that upgrading from a 1.5″ to a 2″ lift kit after installation can be both costly and time-consuming, potentially doubling the hassle and expense. For anyone considering this modification, it might be beneficial to directly opt for a 2″ lift if your primary goal is enhanced off-road capability and you suspect that 1.5″ might not suffice.

Hopefully, this overview saves someone the hassle of installing the 1.5″ and then removing it to install a 2″ lift kit, as detailed in the screenshot link below. This foresight can help you make a more informed decision and ensure that your modifications align with your long-term vehicle use and enjoyment goals.

I often ask myself, why do people go with the majority when… you never see their Prius off the pavement.

Why do you think no one brings this up and almost keeps it a secret?


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