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Let me start by saying, don’t even waste your time trying to make it!

I have spent the better part of a year 3D scanning and learning Fusion id estimate 80% of the time I was awake. Not only have I fallen asleep at the computer, its turned into something I am now used to.

After starting with the Creality Lizard((stay away from this as well) I got my hands on a Revopoint RANGE and WOW is all I can say about the difference in the scans between these two… but this isn’t about scanners… it’s about the dulling spray and how after reading sooo many words online about the Alcohol and Powder, to Dry Shampoo for 3D scanning and even Foot Spray Powder and Gold Bond Spray powder… stay away from all that and save yourself some time.

No longer will I spend time making my own or trying to get the Gold Bond and other aerosol to spray consistently by turning the can in various directions not excluding upside down. Oh yeah, tracking dots are the bees knees for 3D scanning!

It’s the air craft spray that will always and forever have my vote!

Sure at first glance the price might seem high but for the price of 3-4 cans of dry shampoo you are there! The kicker is, you don’t need a lot of it at all! The aircraft spray can easily cover what 5-7 cans of anything I listed above! Its not messy and it must have some Tinkerbell pixie dust in it because 3D scanners love it!!!

So for those of you who recommend all those low cost, DIY mixing stuff… you are fooling yourself! The amount of time you wasted versus buying the good stuff…. sigh… yeah, this is me after thinking “ohh ill make my own with baby powder and sure, good cover but the work to make it and just…. nah bruh, if you don’t use the aircraft stuff, you are cheating yourself and your 3D scans!


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