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I had to share this email that came in and the response that went out!

The way a person can assume then feel so strongly about what they think occurred is one of entertainment gold!

Read this!

Section 326 of the Patriot Act deals with “Customer Identification Program” requirements for financial centers. In essence, they want to verify the identity of the banking customer and to monitor if that individual is a known or suspected terrorist. The fact that this has been a roadblock screams fraud or at the very least, identity obfuscation to a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION!

Let me for a second recap all the excuses there are for not paying what you owe me:

-The manufacturer in San Diego bailed on you.

-The manufacturer in the UK (fractory) YOU said was going to fill the order, DIDN’T fill the order because all you did was just get a quote from them.

-You decided to not monitor certain email accounts.

-It took a wake-up call from the Wyoming Attorney General’s office(the state you incorporated in) for you to respond to my demand for payment(which I emailed your personal email address btw)

-Your bank freezes withdrawals because apparently you are unable to complete “customer identification” requirements.

your business is being mismanaged and you need to stop playing with people’s money. As I stated before, you are not allowed to hold customers money past 30 days without their CONSENT. My advice on this: actually obtain their consent.

Please don’t patronize me with, hollow pleasantries, fanciful excuses, and any more “we” nonsense. There is literally no other person to blame here. This “we” stuff in your emails doesn’t help relieve you of culpability. LLC’s can be pierced in court and moreover, DISSOLVED.

Let me give you some serious advice. People prefer to have a connection with the person they’re buying from. Like a personal brand, if you will. Especially in a niche market like yours. Why hide with the obfuscation of your name? What benefit do you get from not letting people know who they’re buying from. I think you’re taking the “corporate veil” concept way too far. 

I look forward to seeing my money in the mail.

From Person 1:

Now those are words from someone who is on the internet and believes that their assumptions are 100% facts!

Here is the response!

Greetings from the land of realities, where we’ve stumbled upon the grand saga of assumptions! Your imaginative storytelling has left us amused, and I thought it’s only fair to reciprocate with a dose of truth.

Let’s dissect this epic saga, shall we?

1. Patriot Act Drama: Ah, Section 326! While it made its debut in 2001, the grand application to systems decided to wait until 2023 for its grand entrance. No more non-residential addresses after that, but who needs facts, right? While previously individuals who frequently traveled could utilize a PO BOX or another address without CMRA flags to open financial accounts, this practice ceased in 2023! Presently, when seeking financial-related services, the use of any address other than a residential one is prohibited, with some institutions even demanding proof such as a lease or utility bill. The challenge arises for those with a financial account spanning over a decade, as audits are conducted on existing customers with non-residential addresses on file.

2. Manufacturing Misadventures: San Diego, Los Angeles – it’s all sunny California to some, but in our world, our one and only manufacturer was sunbathing in Los Angeles County, not San Diego. Fractory? More like Xometry – choose your manufacturing adventure! Our parts were never manufactured by Fractory; in reality, Fractory operates similarly to Xometry, allowing you to select your preferred manufacturing location. Our original plan, had they not ceased support in the US, was to collaborate with manufacturers in proximity to our fulfillment centers here in the USA.

3. AG Wake-Up Call: The Attorney General and our email drama? Pure fiction! Internally, we’re sipping our coffee, knowing there’s no illegal tango happening. Your concerns are touching, but we assure you; we’re not losing sleep.

4. Psychic Powers: Your ability to delve into our internal workings from the outside is truly commendable. I’m genuinely flattered by the psychic vibes emanating from your words. But alas, it’s a skill we haven’t mastered.

5. Professional Assistance: Here’s a piece of advice for you: before offering guidance on how others should do things, it might be beneficial to concentrate on your own well-being and ensure you are mentally equipped to comprehend the information you read and observe on the internet. From where we stand, it’s as clear as the skies after a major storm that there might be some internal matters you should address. The energy in your words suggests not only a vivid imagination but also a belief that you possess qualifications or formal training allowing you to identify, critique, and educate others based on your perceived knowledge.

6. PayPal/Merchant Account Perils: New businesses face the initiation ritual of fund holds. It’s like the secret handshake of the financial world. Our new doctor friend’s struggle is the stuff of legend, but fear not, holds become a distant memory with time. Just because a business has holds doesn’t signify fraud on their part but it does show how financial institutions are trying to protect themselves.

So, here’s a gentle nudge to focus on self-reflection before dishing out advice. Your order is doing the cha-cha in “Pending Refund” status, and we’ll tap you on the shoulder right before its grand exit.

Wishing you a weekend as fantastic as this mythical narrative!

Response to Person 1

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