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Someone might be interested in having a scale and measurements 3D Model file of the parts below.

Embarking on the 3D scanning journey in late 2022, my initial foray involved the Creality Lizard. Reflecting on those early days before acquiring the Revpoint Range 3D scanner, I’ve undergone significant learning and growth. Today, in 2024, I proudly offer free access to the 3D model files crafted with meticulous attention using the Revpoint Range scanner. The evolution from the Creality Lizard to this advanced scanning technology marks a transformative learning experience. While my confidence in the files has grown, I remain open to valuable suggestions and comments from the community. Your insights are instrumental in refining and elevating these 3D models, showcasing the dynamic progression from my humble beginnings with the Creality Lizard to the sophisticated capabilities of the Revpoint Range 3D scanner. Explore, create, and share your thoughts on this ongoing journey of improvement and discovery.

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