Sunday, April 14, 2024
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As I prepare to migrate all of my legacy cellular modems to new hardware, I’m realizing the need for IoT-certified devices per carrier.

Below is a filtered list of AT&T IoT devices which are specifically a modem as of today February 22, 2024 which support 5G.

So far it looks like either the Peplink or Cradlepoint is where I’ll end up. The thing is, I want the Banana Pi R4, but only the WIFI7 board for it is not available for purchase, on it the RM521F-GL / SDX65 is what I’ll have, I only have a 4G LN930-AP thats on the board, it has the firmware I wrote on it from an old Dell I had with SIM slot, funny because in OpenWRT its listed as a Dell DW5814e LTE WWAN card. Only the Inseego M2000 I have from T-Mobile is 5G and that has my Visible chip in it.

That said for me, a Peplink might just end it becoming my secondary modem in my setup, the M2000 will always be together with whatever I build. it’s my worst case the board won’t boot whatever, I can turn its WIFI on and it has the same configurations and password as the Banana Pi R3, so all my devices can connect to a WIFI with an internet connection soon as I notice I cant get it up. (gigity) The Banana Pi R3 wifi and the internet is what I’m referring to.


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