Sunday, April 14, 2024
Home » Electronics » Misc » Wera Tools Joker S Wrench might be coming to my tool bag soon!

I am curious if anyone has used one of these tools before? Leave a comment with your thoughts if you have.

I plan to purchase all three:
Wera Tools 6004 Joker XS Joker with Flexible Size Adjustment; 7-10mm
Wera Tools 6004 Joker S Joker with Flexible Size Adjustment; 10-13mm
Wera 6004 Joker M Wrench with Flexible Size Adjustment, 13-16mm

Also, another tool I recently found out about that I will be adding, the Pliers Wrench!
KNIPEX Tools – Pliers Wrench, Black Finish (8601180), 7 1/4-Inch


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