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Over the past few years, Project Lithium has accumulated a substantial number of LiFePO4 blades from customer returns, open boxes, repair left over and even scam recovery. All the blades have been individually tested and placed on the shelf for maintenance purposes.

These battery blades are not in new condition but in good shape without any puff cell, cell IR (internal resistance) ranging from 2.0 ~ 3.0 milli-ohm, it translates to 200+ Amp for 10 seconds, more than enough to power go-kart and your power tool. Each blade is in 2P5S configuration and would be perfect in 15S configuration for 48v solar storage systems or perhaps 16v car audio systems.


Note: no BMS nor balance board come with the blade.

Note: no warranty will be provided for these blades. Specifications are below!

————– blade specification below ————–

Battery blade configuration: 2P5S (total of 10 LFP cells in one blade)

new battery blade rated capacity: 7000+ mAh, 112Wh
blade nominal voltage: 16v (3.2v each cell)
blade voltage range: 14v ~ 18.25v (2.8v ~ 3.65v each cell)
Balance connector type: Thunder Power

Max discharge power (<= 30sec): 30C or 210 Amp
Max discharge power (<= 3sec): 80C or 560 Amp

Operating temperature: 0C ~ +45C
storage temperature (1 month): -20C ~ +45C
storage temperature (3 month): -10C ~ +45C
Recommend storage temperature: +15C ~ +35C

Above result was obtained in the following condition:
Temperature: 15~35C
Relative Humidity: 45~85% RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 86~1066 Kpa


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