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You know, my only point here is that I hope you can see through the words you read online, particularly if it’s juicy words regarding me and the products I represent.

These days, if you follow my Instagram and are part of the hundreds who watch my stories… you’ve been able to see little glimpse into what I see from this side. It’s one thing for a person to believe what they read or hear from another of whom they consider a trusted voice. Looking through that, why would the person even mention or use words in such a way… ha! about lil ole me. :)

just know, when its regarding me, feel free to ask and reach out to contact me if you have questions. The last year has shown that a majority can have a loud voice, but if that voice has a foundation built on hate… it will not survive. Case in point, a popular reddit discussion someone broke into their true character and before I could see the latest response, it was gone! I think I got a screenshot… but only of the reddit notification window!

hey, at least they were able to get it off their chest. I truly hope it was a relief after holding it in for so long. It has to feel better. hahahah the entertainment value since this world of Prius has been remarkable! When I see I am blocked from popular Prius FB groups that really lets me know, I got under some folks skin and they are stopping at nothing to burn my castle down. nah bruh, you gonna have to try a lot harder… ill be waiting!

but yeah, I hope your glasses are nice and clear when you read the words about me, never about bad products… so, while I hope you dont sleep when you read their words, what do the young folks say about staying?

Click here and below for the moment of impact.


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