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I figured id share and yall might find this list useful.

I will work on the amazon list as well and try to keep things in chroniological order, now wishing i recorded mileage per date.

Savvy Savings: Piecing Together a Prius Plug-in’s Maintenance Saga

Chronicles of a Cost-Effective Car Care Approach

Maintaining a vehicle can be a costly affair, but for one resourceful driver, eBay became a treasure trove of parts for a 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in. Scouring the site for deals not only benefited their wallet but also ensured their eco-friendly ride stayed in prime condition. Here’s a look at their maintenance journey, itemized by the order of purchase:

LED Corner Turn Signal Lights: The Forefront of Function and Fashion

Starting in November 2020, the acquisition trail began with LED Corner Turn Signal Lights at $138.59. These aren’t just flashy upgrades; they’re pivotal for signaling intentions on the road, marrying safety with style.

Vinyl Wraps: Aesthetic Armor

Shortly thereafter, the owner invested in 3M Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap for $62.88 and $102.88. Beyond giving the Prius a sleek, customized look, these wraps protect the paint from scratches and weathering.

EGR Valve: Essential Emissions Equipment

March 2021 saw a significant purchase: the EGR Valve for $194.96. Integral to reducing emissions, this part is pivotal in preserving both the environment and the engine’s longevity.

EGR Pipe: Connecting for Cleanliness

Next, the EGR Pipe, another eco-centric component, was obtained for $141.45. This pipe is crucial for recirculating exhaust gases to reduce NOx emissions, ensuring the Prius remains an ally to the atmosphere.

Fender Liners: Guardians Against Grime

As May 2021 rolled in, a series of purchases provided the Prius with new front fender liners, each costing roughly $26.99. These liners play defense against road debris, protecting the engine bay from potential damage.

Rear Bumper Cover: Unseen Guardian

June began with a significant purchase — a Rear Bumper Cover for $300.99, providing the Prius with not just an aesthetic refresh but also a durable shield from minor rear-end bumps.

Brake Light Assembly: The Beacon of Safety

Then came the Red Lens LED 3rd Brake Light Assembly for $46.49. This higher-mounted signal light isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s a clear indicator to other motorists, especially vital in stop-and-go traffic.

Fuel Injectors: The Pulse of Performance

The final touch in June 2021 was a set of OEM Denso Fuel Injectors for $41.50. Precision in fuel delivery is key in a hybrid vehicle, and these injectors ensure that the Prius’s engine continues to run with efficient combustion.

Through smart shopping and a keen eye for deals, the Prius owner has shown that maintaining an older hybrid vehicle doesn’t have to break the bank. Each part, from the functional to the cosmetic, plays a role in keeping the 2013 Prius Plug-in as reliable and roadworthy as ever. This series of informed purchases underscores a commitment to vehicle care that is as economically sensible as it is environmentally sound.


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