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I’m on the trail and the scent is strong! I needed a way to pull a strong signal from the OBD2 cam system to power the rear electric motor controller.

I end up along the course of this logging data with the hybrid assistant app however getting that data out into a data visualizer has proven more challenging than I expected. The unfortunate part is the app developer refuses to work with me to come up with a alternative export format that can be ingested into a nice data visualizer.

So then that’s what led me to finding a way to design and have printed a PCB board with an SD card that one could simply plug into their vehicle and every time it turned on it would start logging data. My other thought would be then where once this OBD2 device is connected to an internet Wi-Fi connection it would automatically upload the device if the owner selected this feature to a database where all users who submit their information and logging information data from their car can access and search through other vehicle database and data.

If you’re interested and want to be one of the testers the boards will be less than $100 for sure and we’ll do a lot more than even the highly recommended obdmx plus that I love today.

In fact you can see I actually have the OBD MX plus connected to a OBD2 connector that has the PCB board wired directly to the pins.


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