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I just saw this new trailer hitch for the Prius and it made me wonder… do people believe and buy just anything because it’s for sale?

I’ve put various trailer hitches to the test on my Prius, pushing them to their limits and developing significant enhancements, such as resolving the 1.5″ axle rub issue, introducing the first low-profile roof rack for the Prius, and creating an engine splash shield with a cutout for easier oil servicing. Despite these innovations, challenges persist, not just in design but also in public perception. This particular hitch, priced at $329, doesn’t meet the advertised standards based on my extensive testing which included scenarios where bolts broke under stress. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider paying $99 for it, especially since it’s clear it won’t fit a Gen 3 Prius—critical components like the exhaust bracket are just not accounted for.

One critical aspect to consider with this hitch is the absence of an embossed lip around the hitch receiver opening. This “strength lip” is a standard feature on high-quality, well-engineered hitches and adapters, designed to prevent the receiver entrance metal from cracking, bending, or developing stress deformities over time. This omission raises serious concerns about whether this hitch is truly engineered to meet J684 Towing Standards. According to SAE J684, hitches must withstand specific strength tests to ensure safe towing, including vertical tension and compression, longitudinal tension and compression, and transverse thrust. The absence of this reinforcement suggests that this hitch might not pass these rigorous tests, compromising its safety and durability.

In my experience designing a hitch that does meet these standards and has been thoroughly tested, I can say that the lack of this feature, along with their logo placement, compromises the product’s strength. It seems like their design prioritizes aesthetics over functionality to cut costs, assuming that customers won’t notice the hitch doesn’t meet national J684 safety requirements.

This approach is reminiscent of their untested claim that a 1.5″ lift is the maximum for a Prius before experiencing suspension issues. Unfortunately, many believed that claim, so they continue producing inadequate parts and selling them at lower prices than their competitors. Additionally, they often use gimmicks to entice customers to purchase their products—products that were clearly inspired by my own designs. It’s concerning that these inadequacies are overlooked in favor of flashy marketing, putting users at risk and undermining the standards set by trusted guidelines like SAE J684.



Despite my efforts to advance Prius modifications, detractors remain. They spread misinformation, unfairly labeling my products and me personally while promoting competitors. This negative chatter has the potential to influence potential customers negatively, overshadowing the genuine value and innovation of my work. It’s disheartening how the voices of a few can muddy the waters for those genuinely interested in enhancing their Prius experience with reliable, tested solutions.

Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch by PriusOverlanding.com

Just look at the thickness in the metal used… that’s the only hint Ill give you on why this hitch above is the most Bad ASS HITCH FOR A PRIUS… wait until you read my ending words but… just looking at the two, you can clearly see which is built to tow and which is not… one looks like a toothpick while the other looks like its in the gym a few times a week, easily!

Girth comes to mind… clearly one is nice and thick, its strong… the other… lacking anything that says it can handle towing anything with a Prius… there is one design flaw I see that will be the “breaking point” as Ive already, well you know.. tested!

Now watch them try to say this product is superior on the left when they know just by looking at product images the product on the right is the better quality and strength product.

Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch by PriusOverlanding.com

Want to know how I know they copied my design? The above picture was one of our initial Production Prototypes and something is missing from it that’s on all other hitches on the market… so they implemented a design feature based on my product and not others on the market huh… 🙂 I wont mention what it is, until I see them actually implement it.. but this picture along with what I’ve said will be on wayback machine as my evidence. 🙂 I tell ya, stay away from that off-road company, selling snake oil…


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