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A Prius Lift kit that’s1 plastic shouldn’t be installed. Let me start out by saying, I have learned the hard lesson many times of buying something that’s not what I really want or need because I want it now while my finances might not allow me to get the more quality product.

The tough decision of buying say tires when you need 3 or else when it rains the next day you’ll slide all over the road. Me, I’d park my car and wait until I’ve saved to buy a nice set of 4 tires versus buying low quality and low price tires. They won’t last as long and in the end, you’ll spend more money needing to replace them sooner than you would’ve with higher quality tires.

So now When it comes to suspension products for the Toyota Prius, the notion that most of the previous is once there are bubble 150000 miles require new Spring struts and shocks. So right off. The bat and owner is having to spend a lot of money just in parts alone plus needing a lyft kit and I can see where someone might decide to spend less for the lift kit and biplastic butt.  Let me tell you why you should really read think that.

So my first thing is we’re leaving. It will melt over time and will not keep its original form. Like a metal product wood, let’s start there. The second thing is, if you look at the lift kits. By the plastic manufacturers, you’ll notice the bolt holes for where it attaches to the strut or shock is straight. Opened down what they did not account for was the geometry of the suspension so.  Automatically it’s way off on the general and georgia geometry specifications that are needed to have a lifted vehicle be closer to a line with oem spec numbers.

For one the plastic that is underneath a vehicle on the suspension. I have seen even the k Yb product cover deteriorate after a year and a 1/2 of usage and someone vehicle. So now my brain goes to wait a second so if that plastic brand new from the factory won’t last more than 2 years, that would mean any plastic on suspension components would eventually over time melt warp or otherwise be different than what came from the factory as.

Did you know that these types of plastic lift kits aren’t designed to meet the needs of the Prius suspension? They often lack the correct geometry for the suspension components, leading to issues like improper camber alignment. What’s more, the non-metal parts, like the strut cover, eventually melt or disintegrate due to the extreme heat under the vehicle.

Think about it: if plastic lift kits aren’t recommended for rugged 4×4 vehicles like Jeeps, why risk safety and performance by opting for something that’s not widely used or trusted in the off-road community? It’s essential to prioritize quality and durability when it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s capabilities. Even if the kit is aluminum, take a closer look at the bolt placement. Compare it to a high-quality kit like the 2-inch lift kit. The design of top-tier kits isn’t arbitrary; it’s carefully engineered to ensure proper suspension articulation. Don’t be tempted by low cost—invest in quality for peace of mind and optimal performance.


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