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So far so good I think… this is all in an effort to make it possible for the Gen 2 Prius owners to have an option to use a newer motor in their car should their original need to be replaced.

Prius C motor into 09 Prius Update: aligning the two engine scans between 09 prius motor and prius c motor… either I scanned wrong.. or… the distance from the top of the pressure plate/flywheel and the top face of the motor is different… notice in the pic in the middle… there is a gap there? it’s like the prius motor of the 1.5 sits closer to the trans axle… I mean.. this isn’t bad, actually a good thing versus it being the opposite way. at least this way I can have the thickness be what is needed to have the bolts inset into the adapter so things fit flush. the other way I wouldn’t have that luxury and the motor would then sit further away from the transaxle making more work for the engine swap because new motor mounts would be needed.

2012-2018 Toyota Prius C 1.5L Hybrid Engine (Vin D, 5th Digit) 1nz-fxe 1nzfxe


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