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Since this comes up a lot during the ABS Bleed discussions, here are my thoughts on Techstream OBD2 Devices for Toyota.

To start, I have a red OBD2 device that successfully completed the ABS bleed and although the seller and its item is not available on ALI, this is the next best most purchased similar device. The red one!

JLR SDD V160 Automotive Diagnostic Cable OBD2 Interface

Here are a few devices ill be buying soon to test out fucntiuonality, just to know which does work and have backup cables. The first one just looks nice and sleep to me and I really hope it works, but the second one looks like a Mongoose replica and I really want to try that one!

Heh, if you ask me I am basically 100% sure the DLC3 will work and about 50% sure the GODIAG will not work.

GODIAG GD101 J2534 Compatible with J2534 Passthru & ELM327 Diagnose J1979 Compatible Vehicles Switch Mode Automatically

DLC3 18.00.008 Techstream For TOYOTA 2 TOYOTA2 TIS J2534 Passthru OBDII OBD2 Auto Car Diagnostic Cable Scanner Till 2023 Years

Now the A30M… I really want and have really high hopes with it, just.. the price if its not good is a bigggg gamble for me. Sure, I’m a gambler just a calculated one. Id have better luck buying many different devices for the cost of that one and bound to get one that works 100% for all tasks versus getting it and it not completing the ABS Bleed Process.

XTOOL Anyscan A30M OBD2 Diagnostic Tools Bluetooth Scanner Bi-directional Control Code Reader Added CAN FD Protocol Free Update

I did find a A30 with out the M for a lower price.

XTOOL Anyscan A30 OBD2 Reader Bi-directional Active Tests Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scanner Tools Full System CAN FD Free Update

Lastly, this setup also has me curious. The OBD2 dongle is different and they dont sell it standalone. Plus having handheld screen to interface that does all that techstream does really sounds ideal!

For those skeptical of Aliexpress, lets just say I place at lease one order a month for various misc electric boards and below is just a partial list of OBD2 products I have purchased over the last years. So I have no concerns about not receiving the item or it not working 100% each time every time, you have to read the descriptions as they call out specifically what to do and not to do when using these products!

Here are some other OBD2 products on my wish list I beleive might be promising!

CANable Pro shield USB to CAN protocol controller adapter analyzer serial breakout board 232 CANbus transceiver github SocketCAN

New Actia Multidiag J2534 Multi-diag J2534 2018.03 MultiDiag Access Pass-Thru OBD2 Device Multi Diag J2534 Diagnostic Tool

2023 Iprog Pro V87 with Full Adapters Support Auto ECU Key Programmer Tool Replace Carprog/Digiprg

For additional context, I wrote this article for a user asking about Techstream and ABS with the miniVCI cable he bought, the bleed process is not finishing. These were my words on the thread and linked to this article.

You know, I often try to tell people, and I’ve written blog articles highlighting this: when it comes to the Prius and its OBD2 port, it’s built differently. You can’t rely on knock-off or generic low-cost devices. Despite what some might say about cheap options on Amazon or Veepak/Carista working for them, you’ll likely hit an immovable brick wall.

Having a proper OBD2 device is critical for any DIY projects or monitoring/checking the battery of a Prius. It’s not just about cost—it’s about functionality and reliability. When you see folks showing voltages or other readings from their OBD2 devices, especially when testing HV Lithium batteries, I bet they aren’t using a device with the hardware and reading capabilities of the one I recommend.

Not to confuse you, I know you are talking about OBD2 cables, and I was talking more about OBD2 dongles. So far, the Red Mongoose Cable and an authentic Tactrix 2.0 device have always worked for me. I’ve also used a VXDiag VCX Nano, which worked well for most tasks. I didn’t try anything ABS-related with it, as I was unaware of the ABS/OBD2 challenges at the time, but I think I accidentally bought a knock-off version because it seems to have died like the two Tactrix devices I had.

What seems to happen is that these knock-off devices lack internal components like resistors that meet the specifications of a Mongoose cable. When it comes to the specific nature of how Toyota coded the ABS process, these devices can’t handle it, and Techstream can’t complete its tasks. Some cables won’t even let you start the ABS process due to their inadequacy.

The good news is that I’ve developed my own OBD2 dongle with a custom PCB board. It features WiFi, Bluetooth, a USB-C port, and an SD card slot. It has its own web interface for reading values, checking error codes, and clearing them. Once I finish the necessary coding, it will work with Techstream, and I’m confident it will handle the ABS bleed process thanks to its robust hardware. I just need to get it to work with Techstream via Bluetooth or WiFi. I can easily make more, and the cost would be less than the OBD2 device I currently recommend. However, I don’t have the time to finish all the coding right now, so I can’t offer it to resolve your issue at this moment.

but.. i did write a blog article which will help you, if you end up getting one of the devices I want and don’t have, please let me know how it works out for you!

my words on PriusChat.com forum

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