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When it comes to building a custom Toyota Prius, finding the right parts at the right price is crucial.

When it comes to building a custom Toyota Prius, finding the right parts at the right price is crucial. As an enthusiast looking to create a monster Prius with an all-glass panoramic roof, using the guts and internals from a Prius plug-in, I’ve been exploring the market for crashed Toyota Prius vehicles. Here’s a comparison of the prices I’m finding and how they stack up against each other.

My plan involves purchasing two crashed Priuses and combining them to create the ultimate hybrid vehicle. For instance, I found a 2016 Toyota Prius V with minor dents and scratches listed on Copart. The vehicle highlights that it runs and drives and is noted as a donated vehicle. It has 234,426 miles on it, and the current bidding is at $1,100. If I win the auction at around $1,800, with Copart fees, the total cost would be approximately $2,500. Adding shipping costs of another $1,500 brings the total to roughly $4,000.

Comparatively, I found a 2013 plug-in Prius with all the options locally in California. This vehicle was won at $4,000, despite being crashed in the front end. I don’t recall the exact mileage on the Prius plug-in for sale, but these comparisons are still useful for understanding the potential costs involved.

To break it down:

  • 2016 Prius V (Ohio):
    • Auction price: $1,800
    • Copart fees: ~$700
    • Shipping: $1,500
    • Total: ~$4,000
  • 2013 Plug-in Prius (California):
    • Purchase price: $4,000
    • Local pickup: Free
    • Total: $4,000

These comparisons show that the cost of buying two crashed vehicles and combining their parts could total around $8,000. This figure includes the price of each car and associated fees but does not account for the labor and additional parts required for the rebuild.

For DIY enthusiasts, the takeaway is clear: the market for crashed Prius vehicles is diverse, with prices varying based on the vehicle’s model year, condition, and location. By carefully selecting the right vehicles and considering additional costs like shipping and auction fees, you can build your dream Prius at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, basing the selling price of a crashed Prius on these examples can provide a useful benchmark. Whether you’re buying locally or out of state, understanding these costs can help you make an informed decision and achieve your goal of creating a custom, high-performance Prius.


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