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As a loyal Toyota owner, I have always trusted the brand to deliver reliable vehicles and exceptional service. However, my recent experience with Toyota of Glendora has been a mix of relief and frustration, especially regarding the replacement of the motor in my 2017 Prius Prime.

The Issue and Initial Diagnosis

It all started with a diagnosis that my Prius Prime needed a new head gasket. Given the vehicle’s mileage, the dealership informed me that the repair would not be covered under warranty. I suspected that a previous Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) related to the heat exchanger might have caused the issue. The TSB repair, which addresses coolant leakage, likely led to the engine being starved of coolant, ultimately causing the head gasket failure.

Picking Up the Vehicle

After being out of town, I finally picked up my Prius from the dealership. The first thing I noticed was the new motor—it even had that distinct new car smell. Excited yet cautious, I inquired about the warranty for the new motor. The service representative informed me that there was no new warranty for the motor, which seemed counterintuitive given that it was a brand new part from Toyota.

Immediate Issues After Pickup

As we drove off, I quickly realized there were issues. The windshield was dirty, and when I attempted to clean it using the wiper fluid, the fluid sprayed, but the wipers did not move. Soon after, I heard bolts and plastic rivet pins tumbling under the car. It sounded as if they were dislodged and being blown away by the wind as we drove down the freeway. Despite multiple attempts to contact the service advisor immediately, I could not return to the dealership because I had to get my passenger to work.

Returning to the Dealership

Later that day, after getting home, I called the service department and spoke with someone named Monica. She advised me to bring the car back in immediately. Upon arrival, the service team promptly took the car back to the service area. Roughly 20 to 30 minutes later, the windshield wiper issue was resolved.

Lack of Documentation

Despite resolving the immediate issue, I was concerned about the lack of documentation. Due to system issues, I did not receive any paperwork detailing the work performed or the parts replaced. This was particularly troubling given the significant nature of the motor replacement.

Seeking Warranty Clarification

One of my main concerns is the warranty for the new motor. Typically, a new part from Toyota should be covered under the drivetrain warranty, which is 60,000 miles. However, the service representative stated that no new warranty was applicable. This is perplexing, and I am seeking written clarification or documentation to understand the warranty coverage for the new motor.


My experience with Toyota of Glendora has been a rollercoaster. While I appreciate the quick resolution of the windshield wiper issue, the overall situation raises several concerns. As a passionate Toyota owner, I am looking for clear communication and assurance that my new motor is covered under a proper warranty. Ensuring that my vehicle is protected is paramount, and I hope Toyota of Glendora can provide the necessary documentation and support.

For anyone facing similar issues, I recommend keeping detailed records of all interactions with the dealership and seeking written confirmation of any verbal agreements or assurances.


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