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Prius Lift Kit 12" of ground clearance

When your Prius Lift kit is as tall as mine with almost 12″-inches of ground clearance, you want to drive it everywhere!

Toyota Prius Lift Kit
Toyota Prius Lift before the newfound ground clearance.

Elevating your Prius with a lift kit is a growing trend among environmentally conscious drivers seeking to blend eco-friendliness with adventure. A Prius lift not only adds a visually striking stance to your vehicle but also increases its versatility, allowing for better handling of rough terrains and obstacles. This modification enhances ground clearance, reducing the risk of undercarriage damage during off-road explorations. Choosing a high-quality lift kit designed specifically for the Prius ensures optimal performance and safety. While installation can be a DIY project for some, professional fitting is recommended to maintain the vehicle’s dynamics and alignment. Elevate your Prius experience for a unique blend of sustainability and adventure.

Toyota Prius Lift Kit
Toyota Prius Lift after additional ground clearance.

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