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I’ve needed new fog lights for my Toyota Prius for a while, the originals were severely weathered and not effective at lighting the road.

OEM Replacement Fog Lights from Toyota were costly and I didn’t want just normal aftermarket fog light housing replacements. After stumbling across the LED Fog Light with DRL that was compatible with the 2010-2012 Toyota Prius I figured they should work on my 2013 Prius Plug-in Advanced, I was wrong.

Notice the difference between DRL only (Driver side) and Fog Light only (Passenger side)?

The lights did not power up simply plugging in the OEM Fog Light plug to the new LED Fog light plug.

Purchasing through Amazon is so nice for the record, I was able to talk with the manufacture who mentioned their lights do not work on a 2013 Prius. The manufacture offered a full refund. I couldn’t simply send them back. After connecting 12V power and seeing the lights actually work, I went into Jimmy Neutron mode.

  • Custom Fog Light Wiring Toyota Prius LED
  • Custom Fog Light Wiring Toyota Prius LED
  • Custom Fog Light Wiring Toyota Prius LED

After multiple tests, I ended up using my handy wire taps to connect the included wire connectors with the fog lights and made a T-Tap into the OEM fog light plug, behind the plug. Viola!

The fog lights were working by using the OEM fog light control on the blinker lever!!

Toyota Prius LED Fog Light DRL

Since I previously wired a switch to control the LED DRL/Turn Signal Light’s all that was required was to run a 12v power wire to the DRL yellow wire on the Fog Lights, and T-Tap the DRL 12v powered wire.


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